For more than 380 years now Einig-Zenzen have been dedicated to the wine trade in many ways. During this long time – in particular since its foundation in its current legal form as early as 1939 – we could gather a substantial asset of experience and expertise which we gladly use to the benefit of our world-wide customer base. We are present in all continents of the globe and thankfully have gained many personal friends amongst our clientele. This close contact and relationship keeps us on the alert and open to any new business opportunties ahead of us either in the on or off-trade. Our export activities account for half of our turnover, in excess of 40 Mio l p.a. of wines from around the entire globe – also from the Old and New World. We are eager to permanently keep an open eye to market developments. Both life and business do not stand still – knowing that the future begins today, for today is the yesterday of tomorrow. We will maintain our faith into the future.

Together with our experienced and highly motivated team of employees we wish to continue being a competent partner to our worldwide clients as well as being a reliable source of supply for wines from and for the entire globe. The steady exchange of ideas and frank communication with our clientele is building the base for mastering the future challenges. Our own production lines and our allied partners enable us to process in excess of well over 20,000 bottles per hour by fully automated bottling, labeling and packing machinery. Here our wines are stored, bottled and exported to more than 30 countries around the globe. Our technical know-how, equipment and manpower, guarantee high quality standards for large production runs; it opens up fascinating opportunities for our cellar masters to perfect the appropriate treatment of the wines at every stage. Quality assurance starts at EINIG-ZENZEN with the very first step of careful selection and control of the wine growers, from the different wine producing regions and countries. Prior to the final bottling, all wines are carefully examined in organoleptical as well as analytical matters through our licensed laboratory, which is fully equipped with the most advanced technology and well educated and trained staff.

EINIG-ZENZEN has been IFS certified at the highest level. The International Food Standard (IFS) confirms that our winery fulfills highest quality, security, and higher hygiene standards of all our products at all stages of vinification and production. All products that have left our winery can be traced back to its origin. EINIG-ZENZEN has evolved into a modern facility producing exceptional wines at affordable prices, with sales and shipments all over the world. We have established our own import companies in several countries, including the United States and Japan, to allow for better customer service and to ensure proper compliance and availability. The creation of country-specific product concepts also confirms our power of innovation. Fascination for wine as a fruit of mother nature is the driving force carrying on in order to enjoy an eventually surprising and fascinating future. Let’s go for it together!